How Can Oral Surgery Address Facial Trauma?

Because the structures of the face are so delicate and complex, facial trauma can be particularly damaging. Worse, the results are often both physically and emotionally scarring. If you or a loved one have recently experienced trauma to the facial area, the expert doctors of Oral Surgery Associates in Monroe, LA, offer facial trauma surgery to treat your injuries while restoring your appearance.

Our medical practice is the only oral surgery practice in the area that has been open for more than 20 years. Our entire team is dedicated to providing comprehensive, conservative care. We also serve nearby Ruston and West Monroe.

Causes and Risk Factors for Facial Trauma

Facial injuries occur more often in males than in females and are most often the result of sports injuries, physical attacks, falls, or motor vehicle accidents. Age is also a risk factor: children, teenagers, and the elderly are more likely to suffer facial trauma than other adults, usually because of risk-seeking behavior or increased physical vulnerability. 

Smiling athlete with missing front tooth
Facial trauma is extremely common: over three million cases are admitted to emergency rooms in the U.S. every year. 

Facial injuries can affect soft tissue areas, such as the lips, eyes, skin, and salivary glands, or bone structures. Some bone injuries are not visible and require x-rays for diagnosis. Common injuries associated with facial trauma include:

  • Avulsed or knocked-out teeth
  • Fractured tooth
  • Intrusion (tooth is pushed into the bone)
  • Subluxation (loosened tooth)
  • Upper or lower jaw injury or fracture
  • Facial lacerations


During your exam at our Monroe dental practice, one of our doctors will look for symptoms of facial trauma, including:

  • Changes in sensations felt on the face
  • Deformed facial bones
  • Difficulty breathing due to nasal swelling
  • Nose bleeds
  • Missing teeth
  • Double vision
  • Swollen eyes

Depending on your needs, one of our doctors can begin treating your injuries immediately or shortly after your arrival. We generally treat facial trauma as a dental emergency, meaning your care will become our most urgent priority. First, the exact nature of your injuries will need to be understood.

Understanding the extent of your injuries usually requires an exam, digital x-rays, and other forms of advanced imaging. We are the only oral surgery practice in the area that has been open for more than 20 years, and our doctors are trained to repair injuries that result from facial trauma.

What to Expect during Treatment

The exact treatment needed will depend heavily on your injuries. Possible emergency measures include:

Most treatments that address facial trauma are invasive by nature. Our office offers a variety of sedation options to make patients feel comfortable during treatment. Following your procedure, you will be given recovery guidelines that should be closely followed.

Prevention is always preferable to treatment. If you do play active sports, be sure to wear a mouthguard and other types of safety equipment, such as helmets. Never use your teeth to pry open objects and always follow safety guidelines as directed.

Schedule Your Facial Trauma Treatment Today 

As the only oral surgery practice in the area that has been open for 20 years, you can trust the doctors of Oral Surgery Associates to handle your facial trauma effectively and with a mind toward comfort. To schedule your visit to our oral surgery center, please contact our office online or call (318) 388-2621. Our office accepts CareCredit® financing to help patients afford treatment.

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